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Call Us Today!
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Willoughby Montessori Day School playground
Since September 1, 1978 Willoughby Montessori Day School has been educating little ones. Initially started as a preschool, we quickly developed into a day school, including toddler and infant age children.
Located on several acres of land, we offer enclosed play areas, as well as lovely meadows, grassy hills and a small wooded area for children to enjoy and explore. When the children are restricted to the indoors because of inclement weather, there are three indoor playrooms for large motor activity.

At Willoughby Montessori Day School, our staff is comprised of teachers who either are Montessori-trained, A.M.S.-accredited, Ohio State-certified, pursuing early childhood education or have met the ODJFS requirements.

Willoughby Montessori Day School applies Dr. Montessori's theory of education to the preschool and day school setting.

The Montessori Way

Dr. Maria Montessori was an Italian physician and educator, and the first woman to receive a medical degree in Italy. She developed her special teaching method because she felt the young child had more potential than most educators realized.

Sensitive Periods

This is a crucial aspect to Montessori philosophy. This is the age when the child shows unusual capabilities in acquiring particular skills and knowledge. For example: 
0 to 2 years: language, walking
2 ½ - 4 years: movement, coordination
3 - 6 years: social graces, cultural subjects
3 ½ - 6 years: writing, letter sounds leading to word formation
4 - 5 years: words, leading to reading and numbers


Montessori Approach To Education

The core of the Montessori system of training children is based upon three fundamental truths regarding the nature of children:

  1. Children are all different from each other and need, for their fullest development, the greatest possible liberty for their individualities to grow.
  2. Children must learn for themselves in order to grow. The impulse to learn must come from within.
  3. Under proper conditions, children enjoy educating themselves more than anything else.

Dr. Montessori's Concept Of Discipline advocates the belief that inner discipline is the means by which the child develops his/her own behavior through personal interests.

Basic Areas Of Montessori Education

Perceptual and motor training of the senses
Practical Life
Care of the person and environment
Language Arts
A pre-reading approach featuring tactile introduction to phonics a well as stressing sight vocabulary of relevant words
Basic math concepts are necessary for the later learning of abstract mathematics and geometry
Subjects such as science and geography aid children in their adaptation to life. The more aware they are of the world, the greater their understanding of themselves and others in it.

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